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Indiana Originals loves working with our members to help their business grow! Here is what a few of them have had to say:

Indiana Originals is an amazingly supportive organization of local businesses. As a small, family-owned business, it is hard to compete with the big chains, but Indiana Originals always has our back, and makes it easy to find and support other independent businesses. Thank you, Indiana Originals!

Kathy Arensman, Owner
WB Pizza

Within two miles of our branches, there are 46 unique financial institutions with 171 offices, including multiple “Big Banks,” several regional banks, and numerous community banks and other credit unions.
So how does Financial Center stand out? By touting that we are local. One of our ad campaigns this year is "Be Local. Bank Local." It features a local business member's picture and quote, too.
In addition, we tend to partner more frequently with locally owned media for advertising.
We are proud to be an Indiana Original!

Annette Roy, Vice President, Membership Development
Financial Center First Credit Union

When people ask me about Indiana Originals, I tell them I joined because it is a great way for me to access local businesses for my own needs. The exposure is great, but I like working with a locally-owned resource that helps promote locally-owned businesses. It's a win-win!

Dr. Pamela Reilly
Good Works Wellness Research, LLC

I have had the opportunity to work with Mel McMahon on several occasions. Her knowledge of Indianapolis and passion for local business makes her a valuable player on any team. I have no hesitation in recommending Mel to any organization.

Larry Marietta, CPA
Marietta Financial Services, Inc

Mel McMahon was instrumental in creating a buzz around town about our new business. Her professional and social media connections were invaluable in the Launch of Square Donuts of Indianapolis. Mel takes an enthusiastic and original approach to educating the community about your business. I wholeheartedly recommend her!

Mike O'Leary
Square Donuts of Indianapolis, LLC

Thank you Indiana Originals for coming up with such a creative concept of promoting local businesses in the state of Indiana. Simply Saidah's Natural Skin Care has gained new customers due to your online marketing and online promotion of our company. As a result of your marketing, not only do we have customers here in Indiana, we now have customers in Arizona too. Thank you for promoting local and grass-root businesses and for helping to keep local dollars local.

Saidah Pearsall
Simply Saidah's Natural Skin Care

The moment we heard about Indiana Originals we became members. Since Open Gym Indy allows you to go to over 40 different locally owned gyms for fitness classes, it was the perfect fit to be a part of Indiana Originals as they are all about INDIANA businesses. Our web traffic and social media presence have all increased since they have featured us on various television and radio spots. Definitely a difference maker and proud to be a member.

Jennifer Gabou

What a FAB group->Indiana Originals! I tell everyone about us and push shopping local.Thank you! 

Donna Yarema
TeaPots N Treasuers

Mel is awesome! She mentioned my boutique on Indy Style and showed a couple of dresses for me. That same day I had several customers that had never heard about my store come in and make purchases! Joining Indiana Originals has made a huge impact on my boutique. Thanks again, Mel!

Athena Chaillaux
Athena's Fashion Boutique

Excellent business and owner! Thanks for all the great work and keep it up. We need all the originals we can get and thanks for finding them! Keep up the great work!

Charlee Eaton
NIN Sweets

I've been with Indiana Originals for nearly 2 years and it had been great for my business. I also like the fact we can easily search out other small businesses in the area that offer great services.... thanks for what you do Mel....

Thom Dowers
Resurrection Furniture and Design


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