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12512 N. Gray Road
Carmel, Indiana 46033

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11-08-2016 03:06PM

George isn't just any snowman... he is special, he is REAL and George has feelings just like you and me. George suddenly starts to feel sad and alone when a magic snow maiden gives him wings to fly to a place where he finds his purpose in life.



Zoe the Zebra

11-07-2016 04:06PM

Want to encourage your child to beYOUtiful? Check out my latest book.
Zoe the zebra is bored with her stripes and wants to be different, more like the rest of the animals in the wild. Along the way she finds that her stripes are what make her Zoe. The reactions of Zoe's animal friends will make you laugh and will bring joy to a child's heart, especially as you tell them, "God loves you just the way you are and I do too!"